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Western Civilization Course (TNU)

Course outline

The course provides students with a critically informed introduction to histories of Western civilization. The course encourages students to critically reflect on the development of Western civilization in the context of world history.

Students will gain a general overview of the key developments in the origins, emergence and development of Western civilization and critically reflect on how the idea of Western civilization has been historicized.

Western Civilization course schedule

  1. “Western civilization”: Definitions and perspectives
  2. Ancient civilizations of the Middle and Far East
  3. Greek
  4. Roman
  5. Barbaric Europe and the Civilized East
  6. Renaissance
  7. Reformation
  8. Enlightenment
  9. Workers and revolts
  10. Colonization and Imperialism
  11. Revolutions and Liberal democracy
  12. Oriental Western civilization


Course assessment will consist of a mid-semester test (40%) and an end of semester essay (50%). Participation in class and homework (10%). There will be penalties for unwarranted absences.

Key Texts will include:

  • Roberts, J.M., Westad, O.A., Penguin World History
  • Spielvogel, J. Western Civilization

Secondary texts include:

Hobson, J.M., The Eastern Origins of Western Civilization

Levin, M. J.S. Mill on Civilization and Barbarians

Sachs, Jeffrey. D., The Ages of Globalization: Geography, Technology, and Institutions

Williams, R. Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society.

Other tba, including documentary films.