Category Archives: The wrong borders: Anglo-liberal populism and its misrecognized others

The wrong borders: Anglo-liberal populism in the UK, US and Australia (Draft book)

Introduction: the invisible violence of Anglo-liberal populism.

  • Liberal Fairness’, equality and the class/race game
  • Government via explosion: projecting onto ‘undeserving’ others
  • Government via implosion: micro-war in Anglo-liberal society.

Part One: the wrong borders

a. Bordering via Crime: criminalizing remnant and resistant populations.

  • Indigenous people
  • Minority ethnic and failed whites
  • ‘Illegal’ immigrant populations
  • Affective investments in punishment.

b. Bordering via punitive welfare

  • Dis/ability and ‘fairness’
  • Socio-penal continuum
  • Liberal limits of penal rehabilitation.
  • Affective investments in hardship.

c. Bordering via social implosion

  • Neo-liberal pressures and gendered expectations.
  • Failed masculine subjectivities and intimate violence (care/domestic).
  • ‘Culture wars’, projecting onto the ‘traitors’.
  • Affective investments in xeonophobia and cultural racism.

Part two: actual borders

a. Anglo-liberal economy: Tax welfare, deregulation and oligarchy.

b. Media: Deligitimising incommensurable and resistant views.

c. Political: Disenfranchising agnostic democracy.