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Critical Thinking Assessment

Dear students,

this semester your assessment will be based on one written essay (80%) and class participation (20%).

Written Assignment

Write a critical reflection on one or more aspects of the American Dream in relation to one or more artworks or cultural texts.


  • You must create your own title for your essay.
  • The essay must demonstrate competence in critical thinking standards.
  • You may choose to write about any kind/s of artwork/s or cultural texts, but must discuss them in terms of aspects of the American Dream.
  • You must draw on and reference several academic and other texts.


Create a proposed title and a bullet point plan for your essay. Submit these to me before writing your essay (I will give you feedback on your plans)

Length: 1500 words

Format: Word.

Referencing: use a standard form of academic referencing (i.e, MLA, Chicago).

Submission: by email to me @

Proposed submission date: December 27 (12/27)


Consists of: taking part in small group and class discussions, listening to and engaging with the lessons, demonstrating that you  have done the homework by expressing your views about readings and answering questions.

Points will be lost for inappropriate use of mobile phones, doing other work in class, etc.