TNU Activities: An introduction to American culture through the Movies

Dear Students,

this semester we’ll learn about American culture by watching and discussing American movies. We’ll focus on the some of the key categories of cultural studies analysis, ‘race’, class, and gender, as well as faith.

So, we will be learning a little bit of the craft of movie reviewing, and a little bit of theory and method of cultural studies.


Culture and film

An introduction to the concept of culture, and the craft of movie reviewing.


American Race.

Birth of a Nation (original, remake), 12 Years a Slave

The Hate You Give, Black KKKLansman


American Heroes

Captain Marvel and other superhero movies


Brokeback Mountain, Westworld, Deadwood

American Youth


American immigrants


American Fear

US (horror)

Each week I will give you a movie to watch (you can copy them all at the beginning of semester, or week by week, bring your usbs). Some weeks I will give you some readings, and we will have quizzes on these, and on your knowledge of the films.

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