Tianjin English speaking, culture and society Autumn-Winter 2019-20

Autumn-Winter Semester ideas

Dear students,

this page has our ideas for next semester.

It is a ‘work in progress’ and will be added to and changed during the summer break.

Teacher knowledge and limitations.

First a reminder. I am a limited teacher for English language because I am not trained nor expert in English language learning.

I know cultural studies, sociology, history and politics, and have a lot of practice in helping students learn through discussing and writing.

But I am not an expert in grammar and enunciation. So the classes will be based on what I can teach, not the things I don’t know. For some of you it might be better to find a class taught by a real English teacher, as she or he will be able to teach you things I cannot.

Proposal for next semester: two classes

A large class is not very good for language learning because students do not get much speaking and interacting time. More speaking practice time in class should help your learning. I suggest we aim for class sized of up to (not more than) 16 students.

I suggest students chose to attend one of two classes next semester.

Each class is suitable for a different level of English language knowledge and ability.

Each class is also suitable for different learning preferences. They will have different learning methods and content.

Class one. Beginner to intermediate spoken English.

This class will be based on the ideas you developed during a few weeks ago. So there will be one or two topics each week of an everyday or social topic.

The class will focus on ways of saying things, and what the words mean.

Each class will have 10 or less new words. The list of new words will be sent via wechat, and will come from the Cambridge online Chinese-English dictionary.

We may use books like Face2Face pre-intermediate and intermediate for some learning exercises.

At some point in the future it might be good to replace me with a real English teacher for this class, if we can find one. But until we have one, I will continue.

Class two: Intermediate to Advanced English reading and discussion.

Each week we will discuss a text, topic or event (for example, an article from newspapers, a film, an art exhibition, some architecture, …).

Students will receive the class notes via wechat.  The notes will include the article (if it is an article) and some explanation in English, with additional explanations in Chinese (by Lu Jian).

The class will be based on reading, viewing and discussing.

Learning Resources

During the summer I will compile a range of learning resources, some of which some of us some of us already use individually. By the beginning of next semester I hope we will have a list of resources that students can use for their own learning.

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