Fresh(wo)men lesson aid: appropriate vocabulary; answering strange questions

Nimen Hao,

please look at the items below as we use them in today’s class. Our aim is to use rich and appropriate vocabulary.

1. Mona Lisa Da Vinci 1503-06
2. Ian Somerhalder
3. Audrey Hepburn
4. The President (Donald Trump)
5. Man on the street
6. Weibo Youth
7. Yue Minjun

Discussion 1. Compare the smiles in the images above. See if you can find some appropriate vocabulary (words, phrases).

Starry Night Over the Rhone, 1888
Anatole Krasnyansky, France on the River Rhone, late 20th century
Castle on the Rhone, William Marlow, 1765-80

Discussion 2. Paintings of the Rhone

Describe and compare the three paintings of the Rhone.

Listening and comprehension: a disagreement

Let’s listen to a recording (I’ll play it twice).

Note, sometimes in spoken words tests (for example, IELTS), you will be asked to talk about things that are unfamiliar (for example, they might be common in America or England but not here).

And sometimes the questions will just seem strange (they might be something you wouldn’t normally think about or seem to show an unusual way of thinking).

But you will still need to talk about them (for assessment.) The following exercise might seem a bit like that (it is from an advanced level IELTS style book).





Look at the 6 statements above and discuss

Talking about food and food places.

Use the following categories to describe three different food places and the food served there.

Weather     People     

Taste       Smell    Flavour    Texture

Cost   Apperance      Atmosphere




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