Representation 12: Preparing your Podcasts

Nimen Hao,

we’re nearing the end part of the semester and its time to focus on your assessed work.

Throughout the semester we’ve focused on the theme of representation. I’ve introduced you to the cultural studies approach to language and representation, which draws on semiotics and post-structuralist theory. This approach involves the main idea that language is not mimetic, nor an expression of intentions, but something that is made (constructed).

We looked at the way representations are coded and contested, in terms of race, gender, and sometimes in terms of class (more on this next week). We looked at how representations (and representational systems) could be coded on the basis of different principles, like difference, or sequence, or affinity.

We looked at a wide variety of representations from journalism, advertising, film, political discourse and social media.

For your assignment, you will work in your teams to produce a podcast discussion examining how something/someone is represented.

Let me tell you a little about the assignment, and then you can do some initial brainstorming and planning in your small groups.

Team Podcasts due on or before Sunday June 16

Aim: to produce a podcast discussion of the way something/someone is represented in your teams

Assessment basis: the podcast should be interesting, demonstrate strong critical thinking and be informative

English expression: It should be well-expressed. with an appropriately rich vocabulary (it doesn’t have to be grammatically perfect, but if there are so many errors that it distracts from your communication then you will lose marks)

Style/tone: it may be serious, lighthearted or even funny. Any style or tone is fine, but you will be judged on how well the the style works.

Individual contributions to the team: Each team member will be judge on her/his contribution. Each person should speak between 3-6 minutes (over the whole of the podcast). Team, ideally, should be between 2-3 people.

Formats and submitting:

MP4 or similar audio files will be fine for audio. Any common video format should be fine too (I will ask for your help if there are any playback/recording issues)

  • Submit to me via wechat or email by or before June 16.
  • include the transcript (as a word doc) with the speakers’ names/initials at the beginning of their sentences, like

MM: Blah de blah blah, de blah de blah blah

LJ: What?

MM: Because blah equals blah therefore blah times blah is blah de blah blah.

Don’t forget to put a note showing who the initials belong to: like mm = matt merefield lj= Lu Jian

Work on your podcast planning

OK, please work on your planning for your podcasts.

You should brainstorm your topics and plan how you are going to do the podcast.

  • Work on a draft script, or notes for a script
  • Plan how and when you will do you the field work (if you have any)
  • plan how you will gather or begin gathering your resources if they are online resources.
  • Work out which of you will do which parts of your tasks including the speaking
  • practice your dialogues together (today you might like to work on a particular section, like an introduction).

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