Freshwomen Spoken Word English Lesson 7: Reporting, blogging, chatting.

Good afternoon Students,

today we will do a little more talking about reporting, blogging and podcasting.

Group Discussion One

First, if people have brought their examples of citizen’s blogging, chatting and reporting with them today, please discuss in your small groups and then we will talk all together,

What examples did you find?

Why do you think they are interesting? What is your view about the subject/issue they address?

Group discussion Two

Imagine you are a protest group

Tell us what your issue is and what you hope to achieve

Tell us how you plan to protest and publicise your message.

What obstacles do you foresee?

Tell us what you think the outcome will be.

Reading the news and discussing (group discussion three)

There’s been recent news scandal in America and China that I think has relevance for students in other countries as well. Let’s read a few articles on the scandal and then have some discussions.

For your discussions, each group should first read the articles assigned to your group.

After you have read and discussed them, your group should

1. Summarize the main points for the class.

2. Discuss the social scandals/conflicts/issues they report on and give your views.

3. Discuss how the reporter/s told the story. Does it seem balanced and objective? Do they have a particular kind of perspective? If so, can you describe it.

Jean and Matt’s Draft podcast next week

Jean and I have made a first draft of our podcast, including most of the images, and the audio. We are quite happy with it, or parts of it at least, as a first draft, but also know that we need to revise it in some ways. When you listen to it next week see if you can see what needs to be improved, and I will talk about what faults we identified and how we went about trying to improve on them.




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