Tianjin Laoren English Lesson 2 Spring 2019: The Anti-Alzheimer’s Society

Nimen Hao,

Dear members of the AAS (Anti-Alzheimer’s Society),

hopefully our classes will help us keep our minds sharp and not lose our memories (not too soon anyway).

This week we will first do the last “She’ll be apples” exercise from last week’s lesson, and then do some readings and exercises from you pre-intermediate F2F book, and finish with a reading and exercise from the upper-intermediate book. If we don’t finish today we will continue with this lesson next week.

A game called Bluff

Listen to the recording and then read the transcript together (we need three volunteers to read the parts of Peter, Naomi, and Ralph).



  1. What is the game about?
  2. What does each person on the first team have to do?
  3. What does the second team have to do?
  4. What do you think is the true meaning of the Australian expression “she’ll be apples”?

Never Too Old (chapter 5B, F2F per-intermediate book).

Small groups discussion one.

Make five sentences with will, won’t or might about your life in three years’ time. Compare your  sentences with each other and then share with the class.

Small group discussion two.

Work on the following questions (slightly changed from the book).

1. At what age do people here in China usually retire? What about America, England and Australia. Do you know?

2.  Many of us are retired. How do you think the way we (Chinese retirees) spend their time compares to retirees in America, Japan and Kenya?

3. What do you think are the best and worst things about being retired?

Class exercise one

Choose the correct verbs in the following phrases. Write your answers individually first and then we’ll discuss together.

  1. Have/Spend a great time
  2. Spend/Give time doing (something)
  3. Make/Do a degree (in biology)
  4. Take/spend time with (someone)
  5. Live/leave abroad.
  6. Take/Make photos.
  7. Learn/Want how to do (something)
  8. Get/Do a suntan.

Listening and reading

Listen to recording (r5.6) then read the transcript with me.

  1. I’m going to retire next year. I’m looking forward to spending more time doing the things I enjoy. And I’m thinking of doing a degree in history of art.
  2. I’m planning to retire before I’m 50. I’m not going to work after that. Then I’d like to live abroad.
  3. We’re going to drive around Australia. We’re hoping to spend about a year traveling and we’re really looking forward to it. I’m sure we’ll have a good time.

Class exercise two

  1. Which of those options sounds best (1, 2 or 3). Why do you think so?
  2. Consider the two sentences from no. 3, We’re going to drive around Australia and I’m sure we’ll have a great time.

2a. Are both of the sentences about the future?

2b. Which of them is a prediction?

2c. Which is a plan?

3. Look at the following phrases:

I’m planning to

We’re hoping …

I’m looking forward to …

I’d like …

I’m thinking of …

3a. Which of these phrases means I’m excited about this and I’m going to enjoy it when it happens?

3b. Which is more certain: I’m planning to … or I’m thinking of?

3c. Which is less certain: I’m going to … or I’m hoping to …?

Small group discussion three

Write three sentences about your plans and ambitions using the phrases from 3 above, and going to.

Class exercise three

  1. Use the following verbs to complete the sentence below

Buy   Write   Take   Drive

We’re going to … a camper van and … across the desert.  Kelly’s thinking of …. a book about our journey and I’m going to …. lots of photographs.

2. Use the following verbs to complete this sentence

Go  Spend   Learn   Visit

I’m also hoping to … Italian. I’d like to …. to Italy one day and …. all their wonderful art galleries. And I’m looking forward to …. more time with my grandchildren.

3. Spend   Learn   Get   Go

I’m planning to …. and live somewhere hot, like the Caribbean. I’m really looking forward to …. every day at the beach and …. a suntan, and I’d like to …. learn how to dive.

Small Group discussion four

Ask each other the following questions.

Are you going to visit friends anytime soon?

Would you like to live in a different part of China, or even a different country? If so, where and why?

Are you planning to move house soon? Where to? Can you tell us about it?

Are you looking forward to something special in the near future? If so, what is it?

Would you like to write a book? If so, tell us about it.

Class reading: Where’s my Mobile?

Listen to reading r12.1 from the Upper Intermediate F2F Book

Now let’s read it together. Here is the transcript.





Class exercise four

Fill in the gaps in these sentences with one word.

  1. It might be in the ….
  2. Yeah, of course, but it must be switched ….
  3. Or someone could have taken it from your ….
  4. But someone might be using it to phone
  5. Then we popped into that trendy new cafe for a ….
  6. OK, so you didn’t leave it in the ….
  7. So you may have left it on the …
  8. You can’t have left it at the ….
  9. He might have been waiting for a chance to …. my phone.

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