Freshwomen lesson 3: Black Panther, the Wo Men and Race; IELTS exercises

Nimen Hao,

today we’re going to talk about the movie Black Panther and issues of Race in America, as well as doing some IELTS exercises.

Black Panther team review

Let’s start by doing a little team reviewing. Work in your small groups to discuss the movie and give it a rating from 1 (tebie bu hao) to 10 (feichang hao).

1. Talk about whether you thought it was good or not good overall and in terms of its particular aspects (i.e., like craft elements), and then discuss your reasons why.

2. Give it a team rating out of ten, and come to an agreement on the rating between yourselves.

3. When you tell the class your team score and reasons, try to have come to as much agreement as you can and include any differing or opposing views in the team in a diplomatic way.

Listen to the Women (and read the transcript)

For the remainder of the first session listen to the Podcast (you might like to read along, using the transcript on the shouji). We will not listen to the entire podcast, but instead cut it short when we have heard enough (about 23 mins).

Discuss the podcast in light of the movie Black Panther.

Reflect on the issues that the Women presenters and the author Kassie Lee raised.

  • What do you think of Black Panther’s representation of race? Does it matter? Why or why not?
  • What do you think about Chinese views about Black people (or different kinds of Black people)? Do you agree with the author Kassie Lee?
  • What did Kassie Lee suggest about American views about Black people? How do Chinese views compare to American views about Black people?

IELTS exercises

Time permitting we may do some IELTS talking practice today as well.



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