Freshwomen’s Class One (spring-semester 2019): review presentation feedback for class two

Nimen Hao,

Welcome back. I hope everyone had a happy New Year and did some fun and lazy things.

For our first class this semester I will give you one to one feedback on your review presentations.

This is the order of play for our review feedback session.

Please come at the time allotted to your group. While you are waiting for your turn to present please sit quietly in the classroom. You can leave once you have talked with me, or stay to wait for your group to finish (but then please leave to make room for the next group). If you are entering or leaving the room please do so quietly.

Finally if I have (still) recorded anyone’s name incorrectly please let me know and I will amend it (and sorry for that).

Session One Thursday 3.30-4.20pm

Group One 3.30-3.50pm

  1. Sunny, Zhang Yu Qing. 2. Echo, Xiao Fei Yue 3. Amy, Liu Yuchen

Group Two 3.50-4.10pm

1. Cassie, Wu Qiying. 2.Lily, Liu Jing Xiao. 3.Coco, Yu Xing Qi. 4. Terry, Wang Yangqi

Group Three 4.10-4.20pm

1.Vera, Fu Jingwen. 2. Athena, Wang Jinfan.3. Judy, Xu Xizi.

Session Two 4.30-5.20pm

Group Four 4.30pm

1. Zhu Xin Yun. 2.Katherine Han, Han Jin. 3. Julia, Tan Puyuan 4. Beta, Niu Min Xuan 5. Claire, Yu JIng.

Group Five 4.50pm

1. Bryce, Zhang Ze Yuan. 2. Ocean, Jai Hai Yu. 3.Leslie, Lu Zhi Han.




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