Freshwomen’s plain speaking advice: What Tom and Riz said (English slang)

Nimen hao.

Here is a list of the words and phrases the actors Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed explained, with my brief explanations.

“Do one’s nut in” = drive one crazy/really annoy, frustrate or confuse (a “nut” is one’s head)

“Numpty” = a harmless idiot

“Chief” = someone who thinks they’re funny/important (when they’re not)

“Bait” = someone who is shamelessly unsubtle in what they’re doing

“Peng” = desirable (as in a desirable wo/man)

“Allow it” = permit something (pronounced “llow it”), let it through …

“Legless” = so drunk you cannot stand up

“Taking a Richard” = After Richard the Third (Turd), going to the toilet

“Dog and Bone” = phone (Cockney rhyming slang)

“Skive” = take time off work without permission (or for a false reason, like pretending to be sick)

“Skint” = broke; no money

“Take the mickie” = make fun of/tease jokingly

“Rozzer” = police

“Plonker” =a useless idiot

“Wally” = a silly idiot

“At Her Majesty’s Pleasure” = doing time in prison (all English prisons are Her Majesty’s prisons)

“Chuffed” = really pleased/delighted

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