Sci-fi Reading Group Class 3

Ninmen Hao,

welcome to week three of our sci-fi reading group.

In today’s class we’re going to  have two exercises:

Part One: Reading: Pronunciation and Comprehension

Part Two:  Four essential ideas for successful essay writing

a2Part One

This week we will continue our reading of  Star Trek Deep Space Nine Gamma: Original Sin by David R. George III.

Let’s  continue reading the first chapter together, practice our pronunciation, and discuss the words that may seem new.

We’ll also use it as a comprehension exercise, and do the comprehension questions below to see what we can remember from the first section of the story.

First, let’s look again at the extract from the novel’s Prologue, titled Catalyst.








Pause for thought: reading questions

Look at the words in the box below.


a. What people or places do the words in the box refer to?

b. How many different kinds of destruction are mentioned in the first part of the story? What verbs or adjectives are used to describe them?

c. What words are used to describe dead bodies and violence that is done to bodies in the beginning of this story? Can you explain them?


Now let’s continue reading where we left off when Radovan Tavus wakes up. Once again, we’ll focus on pronunciation, begin to learn the unfamiliar words and work on our comprehension.

Part Two

Let’s continue to work with John Langan’s great book College Writing Skills,  With Readings, 9th Edition. As I said before, I like this text because it’s user-friendly, written in clear plain English and provides great guidance for both essay writing and grammar.

Today we’re just going to introduce John Langan’s four key ideas for successful essay writing and revision:


OK, let’s discuss the four bases in terms of your essay writing forschool.



Your mission this week is to go forth boldly where no other Tangguren has gone before, taking the Starship Enterprise into an uncharted nebula in a galaxy far far away, where you must find the planet Altamid.

To begin, you will need to watch Star Trek Beyond!



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