Tanggu English Reading Room: Learn Language & Culture with Literature, Film, and TV



The Reading Room holds sessions for beginner, intermediate and advanced level English speakers.

We use literature, newspapers, film and tv series and podcasts to help you improve your English skills (spoken and written), and your knowledge of American, English and Australian culture and society, as well as the ways that Western culture understands China.

We work with medium class sizes (up to 12 people) as this is the best (and most enjoyable) way to learn, and we also provide individual and small group tutorials for spoken and written English and culture, and for academic writing.

American books we use include Number the Stars, The Giver, The Westing Game, Brave New World, The Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, The Sellout, The Underground Railroad, Beloved, 

American-Chinese books we use include A Case of Two Cities, The Flowers of War, The Shanghai Girl, 

English books we use include Great Expectations, The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, .

English-Chinese books we use include A Concise Chinese-English Book for Lovers,

Australia books we use include:  Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo, Jasper Jones, Bliss, Monkey Grip, Cloud Street,  The Slap

We also use other world literature including Norweigan Wood,  Perfume, The God of Small Things, The Reader

Our mission

Our mission is to better prepare Chinese Secondary school students to attend and succeed at American, British and Australian high schools or Universities by providing them with a progressive and interactive, globally focused academic English curriculum.

Our team

Dr. Matt Lu Merefield has a PhD in cultural studies with 10+ years teaching and research experience in British universities, including with students from international backgrounds.

Ms. Lu Jian

Lu Jian has more than 3 years experience tutoring students in English and Chinese language in England and China

Matt and Jian work together to bring you a British-Chinese learning experience.

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